The Best Flowers For DIY Sunshine Hampers

Sunshine is identical to the colors yellow and orange. These two colors have the same meaning, happiness, optimism, creativity, confidence, and enthusiasm. 

Therefore, sunshine is almost very suitable to be given as a constructive expression, such as for those who are sick, have a birthday, are ready to face a new chapter, or have got a new project.

There are many choices of hampers that can be ordered or purchased on various websites and outlets. But you can also make your own Sunshine Hampers. It will feel more meaningful to the recipient because showing how much you put all your thoughts and focus on choosing every item and touch on the hamper.

DIY Sunshine Hampers

  1. There has plenty of choices to determine the theme of hampers. The type of hamper is divine by the stuff of the hamper that you want to give. Starting from food, fruit, spa kits, make-up kits, gardening kits, sports kits, crafting kits, and so on.

  1. Uniquely, because this is sunshine almost, make sure the items have yellow and orange colors. Choose similar colors. If you want your sunshine hampers to be dominated by yellow, the stuff needs to be yellow and have some orange accent. If you want to be dominated by white, you can choose Spider Lily Flower.

  1. The next step is you put together all the things in a container. You can use baskets, boxes, containers, tote bags, and others to place it. Adjust the size to the number of items in it.

  1. The most fun thing when making hampers is arranging items in hamper containers. You can bring out the creative side so that the hamper looks attractive. Arrange things to look good from every angle. Organize from large items on the back and small items on the front. 

  1. To help organize things that don’t fall apart and overlap, you can use clear tape. It will keep the item in position. Or it can also be tied to the edge of the container if using a wooden basket.

  1. If you feel that the hamper is still too empty, you can add some decorations to make it look more lively and sweet. Some decoration options can be flowers, balloons, ribbons, or scattered paper.

  1. The packaging often used for hampers is transparent plastic. But this is not necessary if you use a box or tote bag. 

  1. The final touch is the greeting card. You can write what you want to write. Express your feeling in one or two sentences. Stick or hang the cards on the hampers.

Best Yellow Flowers for Sunshine Hampers 

It’s more beautiful if you use flower decorations on sunshine flowers. You can choose to use real flowers or preserved flowers. But for a sweeter touch, dry flowers can also be an option. The brown and yellow make a beautiful combination.

If you want to decorate it with real flowers, here are some great options for decorating your sunshine hampers.

  1. Yellow Rose

Rose has a fragrant aroma and is the most popular flower. Using yellow rose on sunshine hampers is the right choice. With large petals, you can use 3-5 flowers. 

  1. Sunflower

The flower is also popularly used as a decoration for sunshine hampers. Two to four sunflowers with a black center will beautify the hamper. 

  1. Black-Eyed Susan

If you think sunflowers are too big to decorate. Black-Eyed Susan could be his replacement. The size is smaller, but the beauty of the color with the prominent black center will make the hamper look sweet. 

  1. Goldenrod 

The flowers can be used as a decoration for sunshine hampers. Small flowers can be a sweet touch on the corners of the hamper. 

  1. Leontodon

Its unique shape and bright yellow color are great for decoration and make hampers look different from their uniqueness. Because of its small size can use 6-8 flowers spread in a basket.

  1. Zinnia

Have meaning as a daily remembrance. The orange color can be an accent on your hamper.

  1. Marigold

Bold and bright colors and large sizes also make marigolds that can be used as decorations on hampers. 

  1. Daisy

Either orange or yellow daisies can decorate hampers that are spread at the bottom of the container.

Those are the eight yellow and orange flowers that can be combined as decorations for sunshine hampers. Both large and small flowers can be used in one hamper if you can position them well. Flowers can be a decoration if the hamper feels too empty. 

Additional tips to make your sunshine hampers look prettier are you can look for some unique items, interesting containers, and cute yellow decorations. 

Making your hampers is an interesting job and worth trying. But if there isn’t enough time to choose items, arrange and decorate them. You can directly order Sunshine Hampers and various choices will come out that can be purchased immediately. 


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