The Short and Sweet Guide to Buying Men’s Jewelry

It used to be that the only acceptable jewelry for a man to wear was a wedding band… and perhaps a saint’s emblem, if he were Catholic and had a patron saint. These days, men are bucking that trend, along with many others. These days, men can proudly wear tattoos, be stay-at-home dads, and far more. Interestingly enough, this is a common trend through history: jewelry for men fades into and out of style with the times. After all, vikings proudly wore jewelry! Many of the best and greatest kings through history!

I’d like to suggest that in 2021, a man wearing tastefully flattering jewelry is the sign of someone distinguished, well-dressed, and who cares about their appearance.

From bachelors to new fathers, from old grunge rockers to nu wave purists and everyone between them in the spectrum, men should never feel weird for liking, or wanting to wear jewelry. And if they want to look their best, here are a few tips!

Watches. That’s right, watches. Watches are a very masculine and safe way to class up any wardrobe. For the best pop, pick band and metal colors which accent the rest of your outfit. In general, golds and dark leathers look best with khakis, white, brown, and taupe palettes, while silver tones look best with blacks and blues.

Chains. A quintessentially classic look on men is wearing a simple gold or silver chain. It’s so iconic, in fact, that plenty of 90s era rom-coms and sitcoms make a big deal about how sexy a stylish chain can look under a shirt or on a bear chest. For the biggest pop, keep two staple chains in your jewelry collection: one silver, and one gold.

Dog Tags. Dog tags aren’t just for those in the military: it’s a great way to engrave something personal or a dedication to wear close to your heart. Imagine it as like a wedding ring for the passions of your life. Some men get custom dog tags engraved with the names of their kids, or with a favorite inspirational quote. What’s wonderful about custom dog tags is that they can also be a great story.

Signet rings. Everyone usually likes the style of a handsome, bold ring on a man: and signet rings are exactly that. Steel away from high school and college graduation rings and get the updated version: a signet ring stamped with the first letter of your last name, a family emblem, or else a straightforward pattern or image that means something to you. Plenty of people opt for viking rings or family crest rings because their patterns are bold and attractive.

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