Best gift for Boyfriend on  Long Distance According to his Love Language

Long distance relationships are tricky. It doesn’t mean, though that you have to let your relationship die like a statistic. Couple these ideas for best gifts for boyfriend on long distance with enough attention and care according to his main love languages. 

Your relationship may then be heading to closeness you never thought possible. 

Kudos to the ones who work to make it work! 

  • Tellinga

Here’s a tool that might work for your boyfriend whose love language is GIFT/SERVICE. Tellinga has an extensive and comprehensive skill set of people working towards making the most unique love cards ever. 

Just upload your photos or encode your side of the love story. The storyboard masters and artists will then convert them into works of art. But wait, it doesn’t stop there. Depending on your preference (and budget), they can make weekly, every two weeks, or monthly artworks! 

These are double blessings in themselves because a portion of the proceeds goes to a certain charity funding Alzheimer’s, breast cancer or post traumatic stress disorder research and treatment. 

  • Letters to Open When 

It’s like a time capsule delivery system that takes a bunch of your own letters compiled into a book. Your giftee will receive them and begin to open letters in any order. 

The idea is that, hopefully for every letter they open, they will receive the encouraging words they need. It’s an old fashioned letter to open when, just upgraded with long distance features. 

This is best for a boyfriend whose love language is AFFIRMATION and ACTS OF SERVICE. 

  • Love Language: Card Game

You’ve heard of the book, now let’s talk about a card game based on it. The rule for this game is very simple: answering the right questions! So take time in answering each and every question in the deck. 

Promise, it’s worth all the hassles and the effort. Plus it will reveal areas that you may have overlooked during your infatuation stage. At any rate, it’s never too early or too late to get to know each other even more deeply!

The boyfriend who best appreciates this has the love language of TIME (but any boyfriend with any other love language can still benefit)

  1. Matching Lamps by My Lovely Presents

This cute pair of lamps work by old school lighting. No fancy gift here, just real time engraving and the soft glow of candle light. Just looking at the light will give him a warmth of your first kiss or that electric current of your first touch. Engrave your message and the light will most definitely shine from within. Love Language? Hopefully, TOUCH and GIFT.

  1. Weighted Blanket by YnM

Another gift for your LDR significant other is this favorite buy from YnM. Weighted blankets are filled with materials that mimic the feeling of being hugged, releasing calmness and help induce sleepiness. You may not know the whole science to it but yes, it does work. This is another Best gift for long distance boyfriend that he may feel loved with. 

Here we are. These are pretty cool gifts that might work on different love languages. 

Here’s a trick question right now: Do you know what love language both of you have?

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