Different hair straightening techniques for you 

Sumit Israni, Celebrity Hair Stylist and Creative Director ...

Everyone want frizz-free, sleek and long hairs, but only few of them are able to maintain it. Though, straight hairs are always upper-hand in comparison to different hair styles, the problem occurs when it comes to maintaining it. It is because such hair styles usually require great maintenance and good care. That’s why it is highly recommended to keep your hairs clean to main its shingling and nature. There are various hair straightening techniques that you can try, for that you can book your appointment in professional salons such as blondie & Co. 

Hair straightening techniques 

Hair rebonding

The technique usually includes chemical treatment that can make your hairs shiny, sleek and straight. In the technique, hairstylist uses a relaxant softener or cream that comprises the structure of your natural hairs and followed by neutralizer to re-bond again. It is the best treatment for the people how are having thick hairs. The thing you need to keep in mind is that it is not a permanent technique and you need to take proper care. Also, follow the instructions given by your stylist. 

Thermal reconditioning 

The technique is done by using both heat and chemical that help in smoothing and conditioning the treatment. The best about the treatment is that if it is done in a proper then it can last longer in comparison to others. In the treatment the protein bonds are broken or loosen to reshape according to the need and preference of customer. The procedure includes numerous steps so keep yourself free for a day if you are looking for such a treatment. In some situation, you may also have to visit the salon for if to get the hairs styled. 

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