Different Variations of Kebayain Malaysia

Here in this article, we look into different variations of kebaya in Malaysia.

Kebaya Panjang / Kebaya Melayu

Kebaya is a famous costume among females of Malay communities. It’s similar to BajuKurung. Yet, the peculiar fits and splits in the anterior of the kebaya make it unique from bajukurung. Traditionally, it’s designed to get full sleeves and knee-length kebaya. Recently, there have been lots of modifications and are customized to wear in events, festivals, or regular ways. These are generally made from original textiles such as songket or tenun.

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It’s also called Kebaya Riau Pahang. It’s the locally designed kebaya in Pahang. It’s distinguished from another kebaya by its collar and button in the neck. It signifies the relationship between Riau-Lingga Sultanate and Pahang Sultanate. Besides, the button on the neck reflects social class. There are seven buttons for ordinary people and nine for Pahang nobility. Also, the scarf and pieces of jewellery reflect social status.

Kebaya Selangor

This dress is created by the combination of the royal family of Selangor and Kedah and Perak. Traditionally, the dress is loose-fitting, knee-length, folded on the neck, and fastened by the brooch. This has now been modified as per the customer’s choice and needs. It can be designed in a simple to sophisticated way for regular days or parties, and events. It’s put together with different fabrics, songket, or batik that signifies the social status of the owner.

Kebaya Perlis

It can be designed in two forms: either the dress can be folded and decorated with a brooch or it can be left unfolded, simply by placing the decorative brooch diagonally. Kebayaperlis is originally made from kasarubia or cotton. However, these days, they are styled with different fabrics that look soft while wearing.


It’s the new fashion trend of kebaya in Malaysia. It’s worn by many actors and singers. It’s usually tight-fitting that reveals chest and body shape. It’s being dominated not only among Malayan ladies but also for many flight attendants such as Malaysia Airlines.

Kebaya Kota Bharu

It’s the popular traditional costume of Kelantan. The reason behind this name is it’s popular among women from Kota Bharu and Kelantan state. It differs from the usual kebaya such that the anterior portion of kebaya consists of additional fabrics that connect kebaya from both the left and right sides of the chest.

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