Four Tips to Break into New Sneakers

There are billions of identical sneaker pairs available in the market. But, since humans do not have similar foot pairs, the first few days of wearing even right-sized sneakers can be an uncomfortable process.

Due to this unique difference, it becomes a requirement to make some adjustments with the shoes, also known as breaking into shoes or stretching the shoes. 

In this article, we will share a list of techniques on how to stretch your Jordan 1 Mid Light Smoke Grey effectively. 

1- Use a blow dryer

The most common way of breaking into a new pair of shoes is by using several pairs of thick socks and a blow dryer. Yes, this might seem insane, but this bizarre technique works quite well. 

Wear two pairs of socks – the thicker, the better – and cram your feet into your new pair of shoes. Then use a blow dryer on a medium setting to blow against the portions that are too tight for just below a minute. 

2- Wear the shoes throughout the day

This method is the most straightforward method of stretching the shoes. Try to keep your feet within the shoes for as long as possible. We know this method can prove painful, but the notion is to break into shoes constantly by wearing them all day long. 

As you walk with the shoes on, the shoes will gradually but steadily adjust as per your feet. The material will lose its rigidity and expand, allowing your feet to feel comfortable. 

3- Place a Ziploc bag in the shoes

It is yet another excellent technique to stretch your shoes. All you need to do is fill Ziploc bags with water and place them into your shoes. Now go ahead and put your shoes into the freezer overnight. 

This way, the water filled into the Ziploc bag will freeze and expand, further stretching your shoes, too. 

Ensure that the Ziploc bag is placed in portions that feel too snug on your feet for the most significant stretch. 

4- Stuff a potato or few

You can also use a potato to expand your shoes. Peel a large potato and cut it into a shape similar to the front inner section of your shoes. 

Now, stuff the potato into the shoes overnight and let the expansion process begin. However, don’t expect a significant change as the Ziploc bag method here. 

This technique will make your shoes stretch just enough to fit you perfectly. 

Signing off
Whether your shoes are too tight, too thin, or just short enough, the discomfort caused can result in pain, blisters, and cramps. 

Instead, use the tips suggested above to ensure your Jordan 1 Mid Light Smoke Grey sneakers are stretched enough to keep your feet comfortable and snug. 

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