Perfect Solutions For The Destination Wedding Deals

Some couples do not identify with the classic weddings celebrated in this country. They dare to dream of a wedding abroad, with their feet in the sand or on top of a mountain. It takes organization and good preparation, but it is possible. Find these tips for organizing a wedding abroad and completing the necessary administrative formalities. At all the answers to your queries can be there.

Tips for Organizing a Wedding Abroad

The first advice is to turn to specialized agencies. There are more and more wedding planners focused on overseas weddings who deliver turnkey wedding packages. It is really one less stress to prepare serenely for your less ordinary union. It is also essential to think about the wedding budget that you want and most importantly can devote to it. The defined envelope will also determine the kind of destination for your wedding as well as the number of guests.

Some couples choose to get married face to face (and with their children), while others take nearly thirty relatives in their suitcases. The budget will be radically different. Prices also vary depending on transport, accommodation or wedding entertainment. Also choose a destination. Some countries where French civil marriage is recognized for French nationals are to be preferred: Italy, Greece, Scotland, Seychelles, Mauritius, Thailand and the United States. The choices are multiple. It’s up to you to find what suits you the most. Celebrate your union with an Elvis lookalike interpreting Can’t help falling in love, or feet in the water on a paradisiacal beach worthy of a postcard, perfect as a backdrop for wedding photos. Finally, remember to inform your loved ones as soon as possible.

Administrative Formalities for Marrying Abroad

Getting married abroad doesn’t mean twiddling your thumbs at an administrative level, on the contrary. For simplicity, let’s start from the assumption that you and your future husband are of same nationality and that you reside in this country.

Allow a minimum of three months for your administrative formalities before the wedding abroad. One such option is the Hacienda San Jose.

Once your union is celebrated, you have a few steps to take when you return to France. For it to be properly recognized on French soil, it is necessary to request a transcription on the civil status. In any case, check with the competent authorities to avoid any disappointment, and enjoy the best trip of your life.

Stay Zen

It’s not always easy but try to stay as Zen as possible. Keep in mind that you did everything (together with your travel advisor) to make this event memorable and in your image.

But also keep in mind that there may be things in life that were not foreseen, because they are really beyond our control. You must therefore try to remain as Zen as possible in the face of this and laugh at the most bizarre situations that could arise during your event.

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