Tips For Buying Engagement Rings In Brisbane

Are you looking into buying engagement rings in Brisbane? Firstly, if you’re in the market for a ring then a big congratulations is in order! Deciding to get engaged is a big step and we’re sure your partner will be overjoyed with your proposal.  

Understandably you’ll want to find the perfect engagement rings in Brisbane to go with your perfect proposal. This is where we can help! Check out our helpful guide to choosing a ring below. 

Decide your budget

Before you go ahead with shopping for your engagement rings in Brisbane, make sure you have a firm budget in mind. Any good jeweller will tell you that it’s possible to find a beautiful ring at any price point. The worth of this item is about much more than just its price tag. It’s a very meaningful, sentimental item and the most important thing is not that you spend a lot of money on it, but that you find an option that means something to you and your partner. There really is no hard and fast rule about what to spend on engagement rings in Brisbane. Many people are familiar with the idea of spending three months’ salary on one, but it’s important that you don’t put yourself in hot water financially over engagement rings in Brisbane. Think about what price you would be comfortable with and from there you can think about what type of gemstone you might get. There’s more than just diamonds out there! Moissanites and other gemstone can be a cost effective alternative, or you might want to look at more budget-friendly options. 

Choose a style

The next thing you’ll want to do before you head out shopping for engagement rings in Brisbane, is think about what style of ring your partner might like. Take note of the kind of thing they wear – do they have any jewellery that they favour? Do they tend to gravitate towards simple, class styles or big, glamorous items? Have they talked about what they might like in the past? Many people discuss the idea of getting engaged before it happens and a lot of the time your partner will express some thoughts on what they might like. You’ll usually be able to get a good sense of what they enjoy through social media or Pinterest. If you’re struggling to find clues, try dropping into casual conversation. To make it feel a bit less stressful, you should try and find a retailer that offers returns – in case your partner doesn’t like the style that you’ve chosen. 

What are the most popular styles?

The halo style is a very popular type of setting. They feature a large gemstones encrusted by smaller pave gemstones. Twisted band styles are often also very popular because they have a bit more of a ‘natural’ feel. Many people are also currently loving simple setting or delicate bands with pave settings. 

Choosing a gemstone

You’ll know doubt know that most engagement rings in Brisbane feature a diamond, but that’s not the only type of ring out there. Some women may want something a little but more unique. Many women love sapphires as an alternative because they cost less, look beautiful and come in a range of colours. When it comes to choosing a gemstone, you’ll want to think about cut, colour, clarity and carat. Once you’ve settled on a gemstone you’ll need to think about the metal being used – is it going to be yellow gold? Silver? Platinum? Perhaps, rose gold? From there you’ll need to ascertain her ring size before you order. 

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