Unique Ways to Recognize a High-Quality Watch!

A watch is considered a unisex accessory that enhances the look of your outfit. A watch is personal, and everyone has a different taste in style and design. The only thing that matters is the quality of the watch. Some people are obsessed with some specific brands that they end up paying their hard-earned money in a brand name without even watching its inherent value.

The technology of wristwatches is getting advanced, and therefore the costs of watches increase according to the functions and features offered. It is important to not only look at the look and style of the watch but to know the features and functions of it. The quality of components and craftsmanship makes a big difference between a “throwaway” watch that may fall apart after some time, whereas a solid-built watch works best for years.

Here, in this article, we brought up some best ways to identify the quality of the watch. You must check the https://www.certifiedwatchstore.com/watch-brands/citizen.html for best-quality watches.

Check the crystal

Nowadays, most watches have crystal made of sapphire or mineral. The crystal is the transparent layer over the face of the watch. Mineral crystals are quite cheap; therefore, they are mainly used in lower-end watches. They get scratches easily, and if you swipe them against a wall or even drop them, they will get a permanent scratch on glass.

Sapphire crystals are scratch-resistant, and hence they are expensive. These crystals are highly durable and are indestructible. You can even try to make marks with a knife on the glass; they won’t get a scratch or mark. Luxury brands tend to use sapphire crystals because of their high durability.

High-Price doesn’t mean “high-quality.”

The price of the watch is estimated by a number of factors like the estimated cost required making the watch, the number of middlemen between the customer and brand, and the brand positioning. Therefore, the final retail price of the watch is completely different from the actual cost of making the watch.

There are many brands that sell watches for $200-$250, which costs only $12-$15 to produce. They tend to use poor materials and make a high markup. However, you can spend more money if you get a high-quality watch that has a luxury standard.

Check the leather

Most watches come with a leather band; therefore, you need to learn and know how the brand describes the leather. The best quality leather is “full grain,” and the step-down quality is “top grain.” Full-grain is the most durable leather, and the brand that uses full-grain produces high-quality leather bands. You must avoid “genuine leather” as the fibers of this leather are loose and are shaped poorly.

Check the Movement

The engine is the movement of the watch that keeps the powers and ticking the function of a watch like a chronograph, calendar, and more. The best movement is a quartz movement, in which the batter provides power that causes piezoelectric quartz crystal at accurate frequency.

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