5 Most Famous Bakeries Around Seattle

If you love eating baked goods, then there are several cafés and bakeries around Seattle that can take your taste buds for a ride. Seattle is very famous for being the home to some of the top bakeries in the region. So, here are the best bakery in Seattle that you should take a look at.

  1. Coyle’s Bakeshop

Address – 8300 Greenwood Ave N

Seattle, WA 98103

A wonderful and very popular pop-up bakery, Coyle’s Bakeshop is just two years old and in such a short span, it has made a great name for itself. The Bakeshop makes use of French techniques and methods in order to produce their goods. Their ingredients are freshly home made and of the finest quality. Their scones, tarts, croissants and cakes are delicious. Don’t forget to order one of their teas and couple it with a warm croissant. You will surely be taken aback by the mesmerizing taste of their food.

  1. Fresh Flours

Address – 6015 Phinney Ave N

Seattle, WA 98103

Fresh Flours is an Asian bakery that is run by Keiji Koh and Etsuku Minematsu. The couple have been running the bakery for many years and people in Seattle absolutely love them. The bakery makes use of subtle Japanese flavors and precise techniques that help them to create the most amazing pastries and cakes. Yuzu macarons and the azuki bean mini bars are two of the most popular products to try out here. You can sit here and taste their wide range of delicious Japanese bakery goods right away.

  1. Hiroki

Address – 2224 N 56th St

Seattle, WA 98103

Situated in Tangletown, this is another bakery that can be traced back to its Japanese roots. Hiroki is a people’s favorite and they serve their delicious food items right near the Green Lake Loop. The bakery is cute and nestled in one corner of the area where you can sit down and enjoy their hot chocolate or assorted range of wonderful pastries. Their chocolate cakes and pear frangipane are very famous here. If you are a tea lover, then they have some of the best teas you can taste in Seattle at Hiroki.

  1. Byen Bakeri

Address – 15 Nickerson St Ste D

Seattle, WA 98109

Seattle is the place where the culture and tradition of several communities have come together. You will get to know this as soon as you enter the Byen Bakeri. It is a Scandinavian bakery that serves hot meals and dessert that will surely take your breath away. They use Scandinavian ingredients and cooking methods in order to create the amazing products. If you want to eat some semlor, vesl kringle, and croquembouche, then this is the place to get them. All of their products taste really good and have a lot of exciting flavors in them.

  1. Fuji Bakery

Address – 1030 Elliott Ave W

Seattle, WA 98119

Anyone who has a software corner for fusion food, Fuji Bakery is the best place you can visit and satisfy your hunger cravings. This bakery takes the fusion of American, French and Japanese flavors, mixes them into a brilliant blend and uses an array of techniques to create unbelievable bakery products. Their shop attracts hundreds of customers every day because of their world class taste and quality. The crunchy cream doughnut is the most famous and popular product available here.

So, here are the best Bakeries in Seattle where you can get access to a whole range of delicious and affordable bakery products. If you want, you can visit all of the bakeries and experience the diverse culture present here.

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