Why Lilies Are the Best Flower?

Lilies have so many species in this world. They come from so much folklore. Mostly Lily’s story comes from Europe. Lily exists in roman history, Greece history, and also Jesus history. That could answer the question of why lilies are the best flower. They are too beautiful not to be written in history. The usual lily has such a magnificent shape. Yet few kinds of lilies have more gorgeous looks. Lilies are the best flower and will never disappoint you.

Calla lily

Calla lily has a shape like a funnel. Most of the time we could find it in white color yet actually they have few colors. There is pink, orange, purple, and many more. People usually use this flower for bouquets cause it looks graceful and elegant. Usually people use this for lily bouquet

Lily of the valley

This lily is also known as May lily or lily bells. It is a bell-shaped flower. They have a white beautiful color. The flower of the valley is not as big as another kind of lily. They are only sized like nutmeg but they have long leaves.

Tiger lily

The name of this lily is based on how this flower looks. The shape was similar to another lily. However, the color is so magnificent. They have an orange color with black freckles there. That color is similar to the color of the tiger.

Martagon hybrid lily

This kind is also known as the sunny lily. The flower has a gradient of about pink and white. The same as tiger lily, this kind also has freckles. On marathon lilies the freckles would not be black, it is purple.

Rubrum lily

This kind will give you a beautiful flower and also a good smell. They will spread the nice smell since it blooms. After the flower dies, the smell will still feel. It is appropriate to make your garden more fragrant.

Auratum lily

This kind is an oriental lily. They come from Japan. When you see this lily you will remember the cute dress you found on Instagram. This lily is white with a yellow line in each petal and has black spots. You have to agree that the auratum lily is the cutest lily ever.

Bosnian lily

This kind has come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Even the country uses that flower as a national flower. The tree is only 90cm even though they have long and many leaves. Each petal circles back and has a yellow color. On the petals, there are freckles brown.

Turk’s cap lily

Turk’s cap is one of the unique lilies. This kind is colored purple. It has freckles purple too but darker in color. Many people love to plant this kind of lily on acid soil. The flower will give you a fragrance and that is what people want from this kind. Some people consume this lily.

Casa Blanca lily

This kind is the famous white lily that we usually find anywhere. People use this for decoration because it is beautiful but it is not pretty noise. This lily is colored full white with the stamens red. Casa Blanca lily is recommended to plant in your garden.

Nepalese lily

The flower is shaped similar to a trumpet. There is white and purple inside. This kind is very suitable if you want to grow them in your garden. The beauty of the flower can make your garden more heterogeneous.

Tiny bee lily

A tiny bee is a flower with yellow petals which is cute. It also has a good smell that will calm you when you are gardening. In another lily, the freckles we usually found inside of the petals. But it is a different thing with the tiny bee. The freckles will be found on the steam.

Black out lily

If you want a lily that is full-colored, then black out lily is the answer. It is full of red petals that they have. That magnificent kind of lily. The inside of the petals has a black color and gradient to red.

African queen

Find a good fragrant on this kind of lily. This would give you an orange color that will never get you bored. The flower is shaped like a trumpet. The outside of the flower has a purple color. So that is the cool flower to plant in your garden. You will get the beauty of color and also the fragrance.

Madonna lily

Madonna lily comes from the middle east. They could also grow and plant in Europe, Africa, and also America. They have a white clear color that will entertain you for a long spring and summer. It’s a pretty elegant flower. The stamen comes out and is yellow-colored. Madonna lily are good too for a bouquet you can find them on flower delivery Singapore

 Leopard lily

Leopard lily has a beautiful few colors on the flower. They will grow in three different colors. Inside the petals, you will find the yellow, and go outside the yellow will gradient to dark pink. On the yellow side, they have freckles colored brown. It’s a cute and gorgeous lily to have.

The turban lily

This is the turban lily that comes from Europe. It’s a bit difficult to find this kind because so rarely do people want to plant and grow this flower for no reason. But it still has its beauty. It is red on the petals and black on the freckles.

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