A Compact Guide To Caring For Your Jordans

When people invest in Jordan 11 Low, they do everything within their limits to make the pair of shoes last forever.

Years ago, people only wore sneakers on weekends to catch a pickup game or do yard works. But today, sneakers are known for making fashion statements. And in recent years, Jordans have gained an impressive fan following. Jordan enthusiasts line up days before the new product is rolled out in the market. So they are ever ready to spend thousands of dollars on adding a new piece to their collection.

Even though the stores provide reliable advice on properly caring for the shoes, you may want to do a little more to care for your Jordans. So, here is our take on how to keep the Jordan 11 low looking fresh once you have bought it from Hype Your Beast.

1- Invest in premium shoe cleaner: It is common for shoes to have more than one material on them. Modern cleaners do not usually discriminate between leather, suede, and other materials.

With such cleaners, cleaning can become a headache if your shoes have multiple materials on them. Thankfully, many new companies offer versatile cleaners that work best on every surface.

Clean the shoes with water and then apply the solution using a wet brush. Keep scrubbing gently until foam starts forming.

2- Use a microfiber towel to wipe down: Any towel that doesn’t transfer the color is fine to be used on your Jordan. But, most Jordan stores request customers to use microfiber towels for the best outcome.

Microfiber can offer your Jordans a polished look and do zero to minor damage over time on the shoes. Besides, you will notice the incredible difference in how clean your shoes will look.

3- Apply water repellent: This option is vital, especially if you own a shoe with suede material on it. Before you start applying the suede protector, ensure that your shoes are properly clean and dried.

When appropriately applied, the spray goes on in an even coat and can last for at least six months.

Also, ensure to buy good quality suede repellent spray because cheaper ones can leave a thin white film on the shoes.

4- Other things to do: Although this isn’t something to be said, wearing socks with your Jordans is encouraged. It is because socks absorb moisture from the shoes and can prevent wrong feet odors.

Also, if the shoes start looking a little worn down, switch the laces to give them a fresh look.

Signing off
We know that your Jordans mean a lot to you. So, use our tips to ensure your pair of Jordans look new and crisp forever.

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