Most Common Engagement Ring Myths

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An engagement ring is part of the tradition. However, there are so many myths and misconceptions about it. With this beautiful jewelry, people celebrate love, promise, and happiness. However, when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement at, many people get overwhelmed with different information. 

Five Common Myths About Engagement Rings

As we noted above, there are some common myths about engagement rings that should be debunked. Let’s find out about these myths.

The Surprise Proposal

The main purpose of an engagement ring is a proposal. Many people think that a surprise proposal with an engagement ring is mandatory, thanks to all those cheesy romantic movies. However, in reality, a surprise proposal is not necessary. Sure, it’s such a sweet gesture but that does not mean you have to propose to your partner with a diamond ring.

Customizing a Ring is More Expensive

Another misconception about an engagement ring is that customizing it is more expensive. In today’s world, many people are choosing a customized ring over a traditional design. In fact, you will find many jewelers that provide a customized ring at an affordable price. Customization depends on your requirements and the wearer’s finger size. And a customized diamond ring has a more elegant appearance.

The Bigger The Better

A very common myth you might have heard is that a good engagement ring always comes with a bigger diamond. Well, this is completely a misconception. There are various beautiful designs available in the market that do not even have an average-sized diamond. On the other hand, not every big stone has prime quality. So, go for a high-quality product.

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Price Should Equal to Three Month’s Salary

The concept that the price should equal three month’s salary is totally outdated. You don’t have to spend a huge amount to show your love to your partner. There are several reputed jewelers that consult individual buyers to get a ring at a comfortable price. Make sure you are doing enough research before purchasing. 

A Round Shaped Ring is Best

There’s a common misconception among many people that a round-shaped traditional ring is best for engagement. However, fancy diamond shapes are getting more popular nowadays. Moreover, round shaped diamond rings are more expensive compared to fancy shapes, especially when you are purchasing a colored diamond. Some popular fancy shaped designs are oval, marquise, heart, princess, emerald, etc. So, you can select a shape as per your like and budget.


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