Everything You Have To Know About Reverse Balayage

As we head into winter, the blondes among us may be thinking about what colors they want their hair to turn. 

There is nothing like getting that perfect platinum look with just enough red mixed in for good measure, but as much fun as dyeing your hair has always been, there is something special about transitioning from light blonde back down again with reverse balayage. 

Balayage hair has been the dominant trend in bridal styles for years, and it is easy to see why. The term “balayage” is a French word meaning “to sweep or paint”, which refers to techniques used when creating this look. 

Hair dye can be applied with light colors without harsh lines, just as if you were painting your walls. And as the term itself, “reverse” means from blonde, into dark colors again. This article aims to inform you of all the information that you need to know about reverse balayage.

Reverse Balayage For The Newbs

Most women wonder “what is reverse balayage?”. Well, a reverse balayage is a technique of painting darker shades on the roots and sometimes mid-lengths. It helps to give hair depth and dimension, as well as make lighter colors pop. 

It is typically used for people with pre-existing blonde hair because it produces more natural results than conventional color treatments or any different types of perms do. You can also grow out your dyed strands with ease if that applies in this context.

Reverse Balayage vs. Balayage

Aside from the fact that the name “balayage” alone is boring, which makes “reverse balayage” more intriguing, there are other perks of having it.

If you are not sure what to ask your hairstylist for when it comes time to get a balayage or reverse balayage, do not worry! We are here with the differences between these two popular trends. 

There is not much of an easy answer to how they work. However, there are two major differences between them.

  • The Coloring Product

Reverse Balayage is all about creating depth and dimension throughout your hair by painting darker strands. Your colorist will use a permanent dye to do this. No bleach is required. 

With reverse balayage, the pigment from lighter hairs is lifted away (to be highlighted) whereas, with Balayage, they are added on top for even more luminous shine.

  • The Result

The overall look and outcome of balayage versus reverse Balayage are evidently different. 

With a lighter mane, you can enjoy the natural appearance that comes with this hair color trend, whereas those looking to have their head covered in dark shades should consider going with reverse balayage instead.

The result will depend entirely upon if and where desired by a client, but either way, both often look amazing, so make sure to discuss options before deciding.

Is It The Right Style For You?

Reverse balayage is an all-inclusive technique that can be used on anyone with any hair type, texture, or skin tone. 

While it’s most popular among blondes looking to shift their highlights towards a darker color and brunettes who want lighter browns instead of black, this method works for every other complexion.

The goal when going through reverse balayage? Get more layers by lifting some strands at the roots while gently blending them back down again, so you get contrast without having stark patches from one part being too light against another section which could look uneven after application.

Book Reliable Hairstylists Today

In this new trend, try a reverse balayage treatment. If you are looking to darken up your look for the season or just add some dimension and movement, you don’t have to worry about it. The main benefit of getting these color treatments is that there aren’t any cons at all. 

They will never go out of style nor require total commitment like an all-over color would. Which makes them perfect if those two things are not what you want now but may change later on down the line. 

And with the help of the right and reliable hairstylists, like Anushka,  you can achieve this natural and bright look, perfect for winter. Book now and get that confidence, with every step like you’re on a runway.

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