Her Jewellery: Ways to Make Your Custom-Made Jewellery Extra Special

Jewelries never get old, and the custom-made ones are of top tier and will always be. No matter whom you are giving this gift to, that personal touch is irreplaceable.

Considered as one of the things that can make a person fall in love, jewelries are used to give significant meaning, mark occasions and hold beloved memories and promises.

Yet there are quite few times where jewelry store in the Philippines have ideas that are somehow similar to other pieces, that is why customization offers uniqueness and make any gift extra special.

Here are some ways you can make your custom-made jewellery unparalleled:


Never worry about mass-produced designs as you can pick what you want yourself in customization. There are countless of options to choose from, including materials, colors and style to be use.


One of popular pieces nowadays are earrings, since it can fit easily to anyone without worrying size or length. Rings on the other hand can be worn on any finger and most women prefer this type of jewelry, easy to wear and look at. Engraving on these pieces are particularly on trend nowadays, some choose to put their names on it, special dates being shared by partners, phrases of promises or declaration of love as well. Who would have thought a simple stone or metal block can hold such significance?


Birth stones, aside from its connection to birth months have other meanings, associated with love, health, luck and words of affirmation like ever-lasting adoration. And when we say stones, it doesn’t mean that it is only about diamonds, there are rubies, emeralds, amethysts, lapiz lazuli, citrine, etc. Paring up different stones would make your jewellery extra unique while giving more meaning to it, and of course a sprinkle of some sparkles.

Custom-made jewelries in the Philippines can be quite expensive, but if you’re getting your money’s worth, it would definitely make your someone special feel ecstatic, loved and appreciated more than you can imagine.

If you want to learn more about the different ways in making custom-made jewelries extra special, read the infographic below from Adeva Jewellery.

Her Jewellery: Ways to Make Your Custom Made Jewellery Extra Special [Infographic]

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