Ideas for Journaling to Helping You Recover, Develop, and Flourish


When you’re trying to keep a daily notebook, it’s sometimes wise to disregard conventional wisdom. Here are some of the best journaling suggestions. You occasionally write how-to pieces, and the advice provided is quite useful in your daily life. Then, after a few weeks, the excellent behaviors crumble. And it might feel disingenuous to talk about tips for great journaling when you don’t always have a flawless writing streak. You become sidetracked, so, like many others, struggle with sadness and anxiety. But here’s the thing: keeping a journal is a habit. It’s not a hobby to do when you’re feeling good or have a lot of free time. It’s a habit you form that comes in handy when you’re feeling stressed, rushed, or simply not in the mood. And you don’t have to beat yourself up if you don’t write every day.

  1. You are not required to keep a paper journal.

You are not required to keep a printed journal. Experiment and see what works for you to get into the habit of writing. The conventional wisdom is to write in cursive because it causes you to slow down and lowers tension. And, while you still prefer writing a rough copy for a narrative on paper, you occasionally use your laptop for daily journaling. Sometimes the speed and easiness of the keyboard work better. Type quicker, so feel more productive, but less prone to restrain oneself and more willing to write at the moment. Because it takes less effort to write anything out than it does to develop a hand cramp from paper journaling. The secret is to be conscious of one’s existence. Try a few different approaches to keeping a notebook and see how it affects you. Do you concentrate on your handwriting when you’re writing?

  1. Obtain some responsibility

Even if you don’t consider yourself competitive, being in a group of like-minded people chasing the same objective may be highly inspiring. When you participate in a journaling competition website every year, there’s the sentimental component, but most importantly, there’s the community. Strangers from all over the world, as well as soon-to-be friends, cheer you on. Famous and smart authors giving inspirational lectures on the website about how many of their first manuscripts usually suck. You can’t stop eating because there’s so much energy.

  1. Improve your instincts.

Take a deep breath and wait for a response from your Higher Self after writing down your queries or worries. Allow yourself to write on autopilot. If you don’t obtain an answer straight away, keep an eye out for clues throughout the day. We all have bad days, bad emotions, and worrisome thoughts. Explore the darkness by writing in a journal. When you do, you will discover your inner light. Write about something you’re suffering from or an incident that’s bothering you in the third person. This will offer you some breathing room and a fresh viewpoint. Make a list of what you discovered about yourself.


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