Improving thinking skills with Jigsaw Puzzles

You may have come across Australian jigsaw puzzles that are being sold over the web. Perhaps, you may consider it to be a gift especially for children and teenagers to keep them entertained. But what you are not aware of is that puzzles are considered to be an important character-building and cognitive development activity. It does teach young minds to inculcate thinking and other valuable skills like perseverance and patience. Hence, such puzzle games are recommended for all ages, including adults.

What does Australian jigsaw puzzles help teach you?

  • Project management skills
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Visual skills
  • Self-management skills
  • Character traits & development skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Collaborative skills
  • Social \skills
  • Tactile skills

Educational value

Australian jigsaw puzzles do offer twofold educational values. The first is to create a valuable base of individual skills. The second is by using these skills to be converted to other situations, where solutions can be derived to new problems.

How jigsaw puzzles can help transfer skills in various situations?

Follow given-below three step process. Your skills are to be:

  • Identified
  • Be easily understood as a viable process
  • Applied to several new situations

Doing Australian jigsaw puzzles does help you to become a successful super problem-solver. But before doing so, you are to follow some tips to enhance your experience. While doing the puzzle, you are to be aware consciously of your intentions and articulate the entire procedure.

While performing the puzzle, get to know your self-talk. This means, while engaging in the solving puzzle, what kind of talk you indulge in yourself. It can be ‘using organizational skills for sorting puzzle piece into inner pieces and straight edges’. Such skills can be put on to good use later on while washing. While performing this duty, you may say, using organizational skills for sorting washing into light/dark colors.

By doing Australian jigsaw puzzles regularly, you can develop several skills that will prove to be useful in various situations. Jigsaw puzzles tend to begin at simple level. Then it increases to offer difficult challenge. You may even get adventurous with puzzles that come with various challenging features and 3D puzzles. Doing some online search is sure to help you find different types of jigsaw puzzles meant for all ages. They are quite interesting, exciting, educational as well as affordable. While doing the puzzle, do remember to jot down the skill currently used.

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