Love Skirts? Here’s a Guide to Choose the One Based on Your Body Type 

Whether you are petite or curvy, you can flaunt skirts of your choice to accentuate your look. Though choosing skirts is one of the difficult tasks, with little guidance from the fashion experts, it is no biggie! So, if you love skirts and want to flaunt one for any occasion, we have got you covered. We are listing few trendy skirts based on different body types. Read on and pick the one that suits you best to showoff sexy fashion! 

4 Skirts for Different Body Types 

  • Mini Skirts – Petite 

Are you concerned about looking like a school kid in a skirt as you are short and petite? Well, it is not an offense to look younger than your age! Well, jokes apart! The good news is that we have got the perfect skirt for you based on your body type. For women, miniskirts are one of a kind that is sure to make them look ravishing. You can show off your legs and grab all the attention you want or make yourself happy. After all, don’t we all dress up for ourselves? Go for summer skirts like denim or short pants and turn all the heads around! 

  • Pencil Skirts – Curvy 

When you are curvy and want to flaunt your curves, you can never go wrong with tight pencil skirts. They not only highlight your hourglass figure but also make you look like a diva. These skirts are tailored exclusively to draw attention to your curvy figure as they nip in the waist and hug the hips thus eventually falling over your calves. There are different types of pencil skirts to go ahead with including button-front, ribbed, printed and zip-front. If you really want to raise the oomph factor, ribbed pencil skirts are the one to go ahead with. 

  • A-Line Skirts – Pear 

We understand your struggle of choosing a perfect skirt if you have a pear body. But guess what! We are here with A-Line skirts that are sure to impress you and the onlookers. Now, having a heavy bottom than your top-half can be tackled if you clad yourself in an A-Line skirt. You can also wear a belt at the waist to accentuate the part which will make you look regal. Biker, maxi slip and woolen A-Line skirts of your preferred length can be apt for you! 

  • Asymmetrical Skirts – Slim and Tall 

If you are slim and tall, then an asymmetrical long skirt is the right choice for you. You have the height to flaunt these skirts as they have asymmetrical hemline that can make the short person look shorter. That’s why these skirts are suitable for the tall girls that will make them look chic and trendy. Pleated, slip, wrap, printed asymmetrical skirts should be your go-to options when you are in the mood to flaunt a skirt. 

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