What hairdressing scissors to use? How to determine the best quality and grip?

Being one of the oldest hairdressing tools, cutting scissors have undergone a great evolution, improving in materials and varying in shape to become the hairdresser’s best allies. The material and the manufacturing process determine the properties of the scissors, which must have good cutting performance over time, and are ergonomic and lightweight. The professional hair cutting scissors must be of the highest quality stainless steel.

Where to get the scissors?

Every good look change goes through a haircut. And the artists of this renovation are the hairdressers and stylists who, with their experience and creativity, transform those lifeless manes into hair with movement and class. But all this would not be possible either without the extension of the stylist’s hands – the professional cutting scissors.

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Cutting Scissors: a basic tool for many

As a first step, they are used for normal haircutting, a contour retouch, cleaning of ends and leveling of the same. Either with extremely sharp smooth blades or with the micro serrated blades, they prevent hair from slipping. Micro-serrated cutting scissors are those in which one or two of their blade edges are finished in a similar way to that of a saw. It prevents the hair from sliding down the blade, offering cutting precision.

Sculpting Scissors: for professionals

Besides reducing hair volume, they allow to equalize areas of different lengths, as well as to remove and add volume. They are composed of a toothed blade and a sharp blade. With this, we will achieve a much smoother cut. Besides, these scissors will also be useful for parading since they glide through the hair lightly and effectively like a razor.

Thinning Scissors: for manageable hair

Composed of two blades with teeth, it is mainly used to discharge a lot of volume without losing hair length. Thinning scissors have a fundamental advantage over sculpting scissors. Due to its teeth similar to those of scissors to sculpt, we can say that its ability to remove volume will depend on the size of the tooth of the scissor blade, distance between teeth, number of teeth on the blade and termination of the teeth.

Do I choose a lighter or a heavier one?

This answer goes through the comfort and personal tastes of the stylist. Just as it is logical to indicate that it is better to select a lighter cutting scissors, this may be perceived as a loss of control and manageability on the part of the hairdresser. In this way, it is important to emphasize that a professional hairdressing scissors must be ergonomic, adapting to the stylist’s way of working and not the other way around.

Is it important that they are dimmable?

When talking about ergonomics, you must also take into account the cutting hardness. It is precisely for this reason that the inclusion of an edge regulator becomes a determining factor. The two blades that make up the scissors must work with a soft touch, which allows directing the cut with precision and exact power, being equal for both blades.

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